Indie Author Roll Call 2024 lineup

Indie Author Roll Call 2024 lineup

We asked, you answered! Here are some 2024 Indie Author projects to add to your TBR pile!

Indie Author Roll Call

Here's a roll call of some talented indie authors sharing their latest works and projects:

Robert Weaver


Check out "Blessed Skeletons," an illustrated Gothic mystery about an exiled judge solving an occult murder. Released on Feb 14, 2024. Dive into the world of indie Gothic fiction!

Kev Harrison


Adventure Horror at its finest: Superstition turns to terror as the effects of the ancient malediction spill over and the lives of Oz and his family hang in the balance.
March 19th, 2024.

Katherine Silva

UNDEAD FOLK is a short, harrowing tale of sacrifice, loss, and damnation. Releasing April 12, 2024.

The Bird Charmer


June 2024

Paul Avery Tindol

Explore "Hunting Snipe: and Other Notes on The East Texas Cattle Mutilation" by Paul Avery Tindol.

Nico Bell

STATIC SCREAMS-February 2024

Carmen Franco’s untethered mind twists reality into a nightmare filled with relentless hallucinations.

Her greatest desire is a peaceful life, but despite countless doctors and swallowing a pharmacy’s worth of pills, she can’t escape her disturbing delusions brought forth from a past tragedy.

Enter Dr. Barbara MacDonald, a brilliant psychologist proposing an innovative and experimental treatment program. Barbara ignites a flicker of hope, but Carmen quickly realizes the doctor’s motives aren’t exactly pure. Carmen holds the key to the one thing Barbara covets most in the world, and the determined psychologist intends to obtain it by any means necessary.

Now, Carmen races against the clock to save herself as madness and deception converge. Will she unravel Barbara’s menacing motives before time runs out or will Carmen fall prey to the dark abyss pulling her in?

Pamela K. Kinney


You’ve never read an anthology like this one!

Twenty-one authors and two graphic artists, all women veterans, come together for the first time to deliver deeply disturbing short stories and poetry as only they can deliver. They fill the pages with classic horrors including ghastly creatures and frightening forests as well as other deeply terrifying issues such as the trauma of war, loss, and revenge to name a few. These women warriors delve deep into the abyss and unravel the emotions and darkness entwined in these topics—weaving haunting tales that bring us together in our humanity.

Are you brave enough to venture forward? Open the spine if you dare.

Paul Carro


Revisit Sleepy Hollow on April 9th with The Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow. In Irving's classic tale he mentioned other legends: Woman in White, and the ghost funeral train. Those remained untold until now. Read the original classic along with other stories set in the Hollow.

Alexander Michael


January 2024

Supernatural horror/neo noir.

Everyone confides in taxi drivers.

The masses enter Hammond’s cab, impart their life stories or depressing woes, and return to the city streets, taking a little bit of him with them.

Life changes when a young woman named Shaara leaps into his cab, an adherent to a cult, a group indulging in pleasurable depravity in a tower to the south. Tonight, she goes to rob them. Her presence alone wakes Hammond from life’s monotony.

When she later goes missing, he takes it upon himself to stalk the nocturne for her whereabouts and her secrets, entering a hedonist nightmare in which desire is a dangerous game. Bikies, drug addicts, sex addicts, corrupt cops, murderers, and human monsters await Hammond in the dark.

John Urbancik

THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE PALACE THEATRE— out in June — five genre blending stories centered around magic, the theater, mythology, and cosmic terror!

(No covers available)

William Sterling


An anti-AI, deadly games book. And be on the lookout for a cursed treasure adventure horror novel called "Dead Men's Chests" with @darklitpress in August. 

Cory Laniewski

"Before the Shadows," a thrilling new book with a cover being finalized. Stay tuned for updates and show some love for indie authors like Cory!

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