Behind the scenes at the Pandi Press office

Behind the scenes at the Pandi Press office

Have you ever wondered who the masterminds are behind the scenes at Pandi Press? Well, wonder no more! Let us introduce you to our head designer, Jonathan Levit, and our trusty office guard dog, Leo the lion.

Jonathan Levit: The Creative Genius

Jonathan Levit is not your average designer. With a flair for the dramatic and a love for all things quirky, Jonathan brings a unique perspective to every project he touches. His design aesthetic is a blend of modern minimalism and whimsical charm, creating spaces that are both functional and fun.

Leo the Lion: The Furry Protector

Don't let his fluffy mane fool you, Leo the lion is the fiercest guard dog in town. With a bark that can be heard from miles away, Leo keeps our office safe from any unwanted intruders (or squirrels). When he's not patrolling the premises, you can find him napping in the sun or playing with his favorite squeaky toy.

Together, Jonathan Levit and Leo the lion make the perfect team. With Jonathan's creative vision and Leo's protective instincts, there's no challenge they can't tackle. Be sure to say hello to our dynamic duo. They may just inspire you to think outside the box (or bark at the mailman).

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