March is Indie Press Month!

March is Indie Press Month!

It's already March. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!


That said, March is Indie Press Month! A time to celebrate and support independent publishers and small businesses in the literary world. But why is it important to you?

1. Diverse Voices

Indie presses often focus on publishing works by underrepresented authors and marginalized voices. By supporting indie publishers, readers can access a wider range of perspectives and stories that may not be found in mainstream publishing.

2. Innovation and Creativity

Independent publishers are known for taking risks and pushing boundaries in terms of content and design. They often publish experimental works that challenge traditional norms and offer readers a fresh and unique reading experience.

3. Community Building

Shopping indie helps to build a sense of community within the literary world. By supporting small presses, readers can connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for literature and storytelling.

4. Economic Impact

Supporting indie publishers and small businesses helps to stimulate the local economy and create jobs within the publishing industry. By choosing to shop indie, readers can contribute to the growth and sustainability of independent publishing.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Indie presses often prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on producing well-crafted books that are carefully curated and edited. By supporting indie publishers, readers can discover hidden gems and literary treasures that may not receive as much attention in mainstream publishing.

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