Meet the writer, Keith Lansdale

Meet the writer, Keith Lansdale

Have you had the pleasure of meeting the talented Pandi author, Keith Lansdale? Well, if not, you're in for a treat! Who better to introduce you to Keith than his own sister? Below, you'll find the bio that was written for Keith for his latest convention appearance.

Who is Keith Lansdale?

I’m supposed to tell you about my brother, Keith Lansdale in 750 words. I’ll tell you right now. AIN’T ENOUGH.

Keith was born in Nacogdoches, TX, and not much happened until some years later, I came along. Then the skies opened, and the sun shone down upon us. But this isn’t about me, but if you ask him, of course it is. This is about my brother. Screenwriter, comic book guy, short story teller, and dude we ask things about that involve retirement because he’s the only one who knows how to math.

Keith has been in the business since he was a teenager, and unofficially, before then. He’s had films made from his screenplays, which is more than most of us will ever be able to say, he’s optioned films that might never be made but got to cash the checks over and over. (Did I mention the math part) He’s placed stories in prestigious collections, adapted some killer comics, knows more random pop-culture knowledge than one human should, and most of all, he never spells my name wrong, which I appreciate about him.

He's a big brother, a son, a fiancé, and until recently, a dog dad. May Buster rest in peace. Sincerely. No one lives better than a dog at Keith’s house. He’s loyal to a fault, (Keith) and sometimes that can be annoying too. He’s loud, so you can always find him in a crowd. These days, he’s got a beard, and I guess that’s the choice he’s making, so that’s a thing. Kidding… mostly.

Alright, ball-busting mostly done… He’s a good person, a good brother, and the only person who gets the same jokes in the same way as me. Understands the little inside family moments that no one else ever can or will. He sends funny memes and always has a recommendation for what shows to watch. He’s my cheerleader when I need another voice, and he’s a cheerleader for the ones he loves.

He lets me volunteer him for things and just shows up and says ok. He will eat what I put in front of him at every holiday without complaint, even though I can’t cook and I’m doing my best because as the joke in our house went, the sun rises, the sun sets, and Karen, our mother, doesn’t cook.

Good lord it turns out 750 was way more than I needed, so I’ll just say this. It’s high time Keith gets the recognition of being Fen Con’s special guest. You’ll all leave with the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with hanging out with him, and you’ll certainly laugh your ass off at some point around him, even if, let’s say for example, you were pissed at him moments before.

Congratulations, Bub. May everyone in the room be lucky enough to know you and spend time with you this weekend. Also, you owe me twenty bucks now.

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