Pandi Press Books for your Daily Mood

Pandi Press Books for your Daily Mood

Monday: Energize with "The Survival of Margaret Thomas"

Start your week off right with "The Survival of Margaret Thomas" from Del Howison. This action-packed book will ignite your sense of adventure and motivate you to tackle any challenges that come your way. With its thrilling plot and dynamic characters, you'll feel energized and ready to take on the world.

Tuesday: "Prisoner 489"

Ah, Tuesday. The day when Monday's energy has worn off, and the reality of the workweek starts to sink in. But fear not, for Pandi Press has just the book to prove nothing can keep you down. Read "Prisoner 489" from Joe R. Lansdale and suddenly, Tuesday doesn't seem so dull anymore.

Wednesday: "Hot in December"

Halfway through the week, and you're starting to feel a bit like a bystander. You're in desperate need of a mental break. Enter "Hot in December." This psychological thriller is a fast-paced and entertaining novella from the author of Edge of Dark Water, The Bottoms and the Hap and Leonard novel series, Joe R. Lansdale.

Thursday: "High Cotton"

Thursday, the day when the weekend is so close, yet so far away. But fear not, for Pandi Press has just the book for you. "High Cotton" is the perfect book to get you back on track.This collection of Joe R. Lansdale stories represents the best of the “Lansdale” genre—a strange mixture of dark crime, even darker humor, and adventure tales. Let the characters' determination and resilience fuel your own motivation.

Friday: "The Tall Grass and Other Stories"

Ah, Friday. The day when the weekend is finally within reach. You can practically taste the freedom. And what better way to celebrate than with "The Tall Grass and Other Stories." This collection of Lansdale’s shorter fiction, many of them flash fiction will have you on the edge of your seat. As seen in Netflix' LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS, they run the gamut from weird to horrifying to thought provoking. The perfect start to the perfect weekend. 

Weekend: "Bleeding Shadows"

Ah, the weekend. This is a bit of a cheat, but this book is huge! The time to relax, unwind, and indulge in some much-needed self-care is now. And what better way to do that than with "Bleeding Shadows." This compulsively readable book is Joe R. Lansdale’s largest, most varied collection to date. These stories, poems, and novellas–supplemented by the author’s introduction and by an invaluable set of story notes–move effortlessly from horror, adventure, and suspense to literary pastiche. It is, by any measure, a major addition to an already impressive body of work.

So curl up on the couch and stay a while. You'll need the whole weekend to read all 150,000 words of the sometimes funny, often horrifying, "Bleeding Shadows."







With a different Pandi Press book all week, you can enhance your mood and find solace in the power of storytelling. Whether you need a boost of energy, a moment of tranquility, or a spark of creativity, these books have you covered. So, grab your favorite Pandi Press book and let the magic unfold!


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