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Jane Goes North

Jane Goes North

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From Edgar Award winner Joe R. Lansdale comes a laugh out loud road novel full of outrageous wit, driven by the power of storytelling as only Lansdale can offer. 

Jobless, broke, and stuck in East Texas without wheels, Jane is desperate to attend her younger sister’s wedding in Boston out of spite. She answers a ride share ad placed by a body building, cookie baking woman named Henrietta (Henry), with a literal wandering eye and a penchant for violence. Henry needs someone to drive her northeast where she claims there’s a doctor who can fix her sight. In an unlikely alliance, Jane and Henry take to the road where they’ll encounter numerous characters, including an octogenarian crime boss, a rascal riding thief, and a washed up country singer named Cheryl. 

This incredible journey is a story of heart and quirky friendship at its finest. 

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