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The Drive-In: Multiplex & Shooting Star Package

The Drive-In: Multiplex & Shooting Star Package

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The Drive-in: Multiplex

In 1988, Joe R. Lansdale’s The Drive-In launched onto the fiction scene and left an indelible mark, influencing generations of genre-spanning writers. In honor of this groundbreaking novel, twenty-one of those writers pay tribute to Lansdale with all-new stories and novellas set in the bizarre and terrifying universe created by the champion mojo storyteller hisownself, all those years ago.

In this quintessential anthology, not to be missed, Lansdale returns and the stories are wilder and darker than ever. Christopher Golden and Brian Keene, who cite Lansdale as an integral influence in their careers, have curated an incredible lineup featuring some of the finest storytellers in the field today. 

From Mud Creek, Texas,
Welcome to The Drive in: Multiplex 

Shooting Star (A Novelette)

John Shaw just wanted to go fishing and live off the land—now he is one of only a few survivors involved in a horrific crash between a locomotive and a flying saucer. 

Stranded in an unforgiving environment, desperate to survive, he and the remaining passengers must outrun, and outsmart, the alien life forms that are picking them off one by one. 

Packed into a tightly woven, ripping yarn, Shooting Star is a beautifully told story of survival and wit, as the clash between man and invader intensifies, and the end of the human race looms near. 

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